10th Feb 2015


Off-Peak Destination Ideas For A Family Trip

off-peak destinations, cappadocia, turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

You want to go on a family vacation. You’ve packed the car, you’ve bundled up the kids, and you’ve landed on the high point of the tourist season. The crowds, the over-booking, the high costs of being there are all eating away at your fun. Well, there is also another option for a vacation during the off-peak season.

Time of Year

It’s easy to say travel during the off-peak season, but when that exactly depends on your destination. If you’re going to Europe, for example, the winter months are usually off-peak if you are going to a non-ski area. In ski areas, off-peak is during the summer months. Normally, summer months, as well as the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s holidays are part of the peak season for tourism.

Pick Your Spot

off-peak destinations, dolmabahce palace, istanbul, turkey

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Let’s say you love ski areas, but do not go there to ski. Then there is no reason to plan your trip during peak season. Try to go on a vacation during the off-months when there is less of a crowd, and it’s easier to see the sights. Paying full price to be in a place because of an activity you and your family will not participate in is a waste of your vacation money.


If you travel during off-peak tourism season, you will likely be able to get a reduced price on hotels, tickets, and other expenses. These savings translate into more money for the things you want to do. Overall prices in an area are usually raised to bring in tourism money during peak season and brought back down during off-peak season.

Less Shopping

off-peak destinations, Lycian Tombs, Turkey.

Lycian Tombs, Turkey

There are some destinations that do not provide the same kinds of activities during off-peak season, unlike peak season. For example, you may find many shops closed if you visit the beach during the off-peak season, because retailers are geared towards making as many sales as possible in a short amount of time and may only be open during peak season. As long as you don’t mind fewer merchandise outlets, your trip should be a good one.